An innovative system for creating workspaces

At Ofimatic, we are leaders in the design and implementation of compartmentalized workspaces using partitions. We offer a system that incorporates multiple solutions depending on the needs of each customer:  solutions by means of single glazing, double glazing, curved glass, mixed, blind…

Our expertise in the study and development of space division projects has taught us that the best solutions also depend on the quality of the materials. For this reason we work with high quality components made of aluminium, glass, wood, fabric, etc.

At the same time, our innovative system for creating workspaces also takes into account the requirements for insulation and soundproofing needed depending on the particular specifications of each project.

Partition technical specifications

Partitions catalogue


Continuous double glass wall / Floor-Ceiling.


Horizontal partition framed glass, solid wall / Floor-Ceiling.


Horizontal framed glass wall / Floor-Ceiling.


Vertical framed glass wall / Floor-Ceiling.

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