Office furniture and workspaces

Maximum quality

The correct selection of office furniture is a fundamental element to guarantee efficient and innovative workspaces. At Ofimatic we are partners of the best office furniture brands. With his help, we have been contributing for more than 30 years to the well-being of people and the efficiency of organizations.

We provide office furniture solutions that meet the most demanding quality and environmental standards. In addition, we have a highly qualified team of assemblers, with a lot of experience and knowledgeable about our products and services.

Office chairs

We work with the best firms to offer a wide catalog of ergonomic office chairs. We provide solutions for every need and space: work chairs, desk chairs, visitor chairs, auditorium chairs, collaboration chairs, sofas, armchairs, stools …

Office tables

We have a selection of perfect tables for each situation and use. We have height-adjustable office tables, desk tables, meeting tables, tables for classes and conferences, reception tables and counters, bench tables…

Classification and storage for office

Cabinets, lockers and filing blocks are essential as storage furniture for files and office supplies. At Ofimatic we help you choose the best storage systems.

Office screens and panels

Panels and screens are not only solutions to delimit the space of each user. They also allow you to create work zones, provide collaboration systems and help improve acoustics in the office.

Office technology

Space management systems, digital collaboration tools, furniture with integrated technology … At Ofimatic we offer you cutting-edge technology to improve the efficiency of your office.

Office accessories

Small details are often essential. They provide that extra functionality and comfort that many offices need. Lighting systems, cable management solutions, computer support and conference elements are some of the office accessories that we put at your disposal.

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