Partitions and space division

Research, design and innovation inspire us

to create workspaces that are compartmentalized according to their purpose and technology

Leaders in the design and implementation of offices compartmentalized using partitions

At Ofimatic, we are experts in the study and development of projects for the division of office space through the use of materials such as aluminium, glass, wood, fabrics, etc…

Our experience gained over the years in this area has been reinforced by our collaboration with our partner Sitab, always at the forefront of quality design solutions not to mention environmental responsibility, granted the very latest in certification: “Cradle to Cradle”.

The combination of Ofimatic and Sitab ensures the design and implementation of innovative spaces that enable intelligent workflows aligned with the specific needs of each company.

Double commitment to quality

The success of a space division project depends not only on the quality of the materials and partitions used, but also the quality of the design, planning and implementation.

At Ofimatic, we are committed to fulfilling these two premises, as shown by the projects we have carried out for our customers.

We study the needs of each company and envisage what the workspaces should be like. We offer the necessary advice on the choice of partitioning and the products to be used, always selecting from among those that meet the required quality standards and specifications.

Finally, we take the utmost care during the implementation phase in the process of installation and assembly.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is part of the philosophy of the space division projects carried out by Ofimatic. That’s why we rely on Sitab and on products that meet “Cradle to Cradle” certification.

With this certification, we ensure that the products end up returning to the biosphere at the end of their life cycle, imitating the sustainable and regenerative productivity of nature.

We are committed to recyclable materials with a low environmental impact, and to the responsible use of resources.

Workspace solutions

High quality, sustainable materials and finishes
that meet the most exacting standards

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