Ondarreta furniture, tradition and innovation

Ondarreta furniture is the result of an artisan heritage of more than forty years. This heritage meets the desire to evolve to maintain a vibrant style and a balance between functionality and beauty, between handcrafted and technology-based.

In Ondarreta, they are daughters and granddaughters of cabinetmakers making furniture in the contemporary world. For this reason, Ondarreta furniture is a reinterpretation of tradition and innovation.

In Ondarreta, office furniture is conceived as a way to bring people closer, create bonds and strengthen relationships. The Ondarreta collections of tables and chairs provide moments of connection and give life to spaces. They promote charming encounters and comfortable gatherings.

At Ofimatic we have a wide catalog of office furniture from the Ondarreta firm. The delicacy of the shapes and the quality of the materials are a hallmark of the brand.

Ondarreta furniture

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