Bika is upon us. It’s seemingly simple structure and soft aesthetic disguises a great innovation in design. The beautifully rounded sections are composed of two materials which offer a colourful solution to office and other contract spaces. We have a new exciting, versatile, safe, attractive option to specify.


The versatility of color and style of Cavatina allows organizations to express their brand and culture, attracting people to the heart of the office

Table SW_1

Crafted with equal parts intelligent design and beauty, SW_1 Conference Tables and Occasional Tables by Coalesse welcome you to collaborative and social settings.

Glove Lounge

Comfort and well-being are directly linked to productivity. Glove Lounge encourages communication and fluid relationships within the team. They chairs work best in warm ambient spaces.


Our soft seating proposal designed for the increasingly important “quiet” areas of the company provides the user with flexible, comfortable spaces with a feeling of home. Bow is designed to provide comfortable and pleasant places to chat or work. Spaces for creativity and relaxation.


This product inspires creativity and flexibility and casual rest. A seat that can be moved to any space it is needed, again, harking back to home furnishings.


The feeling of surrounding comfort of this armchair seems to be contradicting the straight and conclusive lines of its profile. Zone, with its double inclination in the base, made of square steel tube and solid rod, both chrome-plated, has been made to surprise.

Zama & Zama Next

Functional and complete, Zama & Zama Next is presented as a reliable alternative with the ability to perform a wide variety of configurations that the systems programs offer, such as individual tables and indefinite growth tables or individual tables with or without wings.


XaviAqua designed for the work environment of the current manager, in which water and wood combine to create a product of great beauty, elegant and respectful with the environment.


Westside meeting chair is composed of a single shell with just the right shape, angle and flexibility to provide maximum comfort. Its flexible and ergonomic shape is ideal for busy places where people use seating in many different ways.

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