Sitab, office partitions with environmental commitment

Sitab is a world leader among manufacturers of office partitions. This company from the Basque Country marks the vanguard in design and quality solutions, without forgetting the environmental commitment. Sitab System solutions have the most advanced certification in this field, the “Cradle to Cradle” certification.

Sitab office partitions and partitioning products meet the strictest quality standards and the highest international standards. In addition, they offer their warranty as a manufacturer.

However, the success of a space division project does not depend solely on the quality of the materials and office partitions used. It also depends on the quality of the design, planning and execution tasks.

For this reason, the conjunction of Ofimatic and Sitab guarantees the design and execution of innovative spaces in office interior design.

Consult our page on office partitions and space division systems to learn about our work methodology and the different solutions.

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